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The "Done-For-Your Muscle Building Meal Plans" have a real world value of $97. And if you were to hire a nutrition coach to design a similar meal plan system, it would cost at least $200 a month.

But because I want to help you get started on the right track towards building a lean muscular physique and get faster results from the Cycle Bulking Diet, I'm offering you the entire "Done-For-You Muscle Building Meal Plans" package for a one time payment of only:

Your purchase of the Done-For-You Muscle Building Meal Plans is backed by my 60-Day 100% Money Back GuaranLee!

Lee Hayward - Muscle Building Coach
Cycle Bulking Muscle Building Meal Plans
Cycle Bulking Muscle Building Meal Plans

Cycle Bulking Diet


Muscle Building Meal Plans

($97 Value)

Low Calorie Depletion Phase
9 Fat Loss Cutting Diets using the  macronutrient split of;
50% protein, 25% carbs, 25% fat.
These Done-For-You Meal Plans is an easy way to save you time and effort because I've already done the meal planning, calorie counting, and macro-nutrient calculations for you. All you have to do is follow the customized Cycle Bulking meal plan based on your current bodyweight.
As long as you weigh between 100 pounds and 300 pounds,  than you're covered. Plus, each of these meal plans is accompanied by the Cycle Bulking Diet proprietary Food Exchange List so that you'll be able to make quick and easy food substitutions of equal nutritional value based on your own personal taste and food availability.
I personally designed each one of these done-for-you meal plans to optimize your muscle building results. They are not some generic, computer-generated meal plans that you can find anywhere else.
- 1000 calorie
- 1250 calorie
- 1500 calorie
- 1750 calorie
- 2000 calorie
High Calorie Growth Phase
9 Mass Building Bulking Diets using the macronutrient split of;
30% protein, 50% carbs, 20% fat.
- 2000 calorie
- 2500 calorie
- 3000 calorie
- 3500 calorie
- 4000 calorie
Congratulations for making the decision to invest in the Cycle Bulking Diet & Training Program. You've taken an important step towards building a more muscular physique.

Because you are an action taker, I would like to give you a one-time opportunity to customize your order today by including EIGHTEEN Done-For-You Cycle Bulking Diet Customized Muscle Building Meal Plans.

- 2250 calorie
- 2500 calorie
- 2750 calorie
- 3000 calorie
- 4500 calorie
- 5000 calorie
- 5500 calorie
- 6000 calorie

Accelerate Your Gains with the Cycle Bulking Done-For-You  Muscle Building Meal Plans !

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