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The advanced fat loss strategies that are covered in the "Cycle Cutting Diet" could easily sell for $47 on their own as a standalone product. And the value you'd get from it would be worth every penny (and more) at that price.

But because I want to help give you the edge in getting into your best shape ever, you can have the entire "Cycle Cutting Diet" add-on package for a one time payment of only:

Lee Hayward - Muscle Building Coach

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Lose Fat & Get Ripped 6-Pack Abs

With The "Cycle Cutting Diet"...

The people who sign up for this program come in all different shapes and sizes. They are not all skinny 98-pound weaklings. In fact, the majority of my personal coaching students want to improve their body composition by losing fat AND gaining muscle.

So, if you fall into that category and have some "extra padding" around the middle right now that you'd like to lose. You can follow the "Cycle Cutting Diet" to help quickly get rid of excess bodyfat.

Then after you trim off that stubborn bodyfat, you can switch to the regular "Cycle Bulking Diet" and focus on filling out your frame with solid muscular bodyweight while staying lean and ripped in the process!
Cycle Cutting Diet

Should You Start With

"Bulking" or "Cutting" ?

The Cycle Cutting Diet Program...

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